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Ways to Help Our Community

As a lifelong Manitoban, I've always been amazed by how people in this Province rally together to give back. Now more than ever, our most vulnerable need our help.

So, if you are able, here are ways you can help!

Support Local

Many of our local small businesses are feeling the pressure of the pandemic right now. As we come into the holiday season, many of them are losing out on their busiest time of the year. Since they are doing what they can to keep us safe by closing their doors, we can do what we can by supporting them any way we can!

Order take out from local restaurants

Buy your favourite local goods online for delivery or pickup

Purchase giftcards to use later once their business opens

Look for holiday gifts from local makers and shops

How to support for free?

Follow and engage with them on social media

Visit their website

Leave a positive review

Spread the word about their business


We are lucky to have so many amazing organizations in Manitoba that give back to our less fortunate, that are there when our most vulnerable need them the most. Now they need us more than ever.

Even though we may not be able to volunteer or donate like we usually would, ie donating clothes or serving hot meals, there are still ways to give back. (at the time this was written, Manitoba was in code RED)

Two of the organization we love are the Siloam Mission, and the Main Street Project.

Here's how you can help each at this time!



List of items to buy for Main Street Project's holiday wish list
Here's Main Street Project's holiday wish list!

However you can help, you'll be making a positive impact on someone's life. Let's all spread some love and joy locally this winter!

We can get through this, if we work together.

*we will continue to update this list with more charities to donate to, and ways to support each other through this pandemic*

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