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Questions about our services?


Thanks for taking the time to contact us, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!





1. What type of restorations do you do?

We specialize in small restorations to residential, commercial, and automotive properties. That means we repair small damage like burns, tears, scratches, chips, gouges, cracks, and discolouration. We work on all kinds of surfaces, making our services a perfect fit for any project.

2. Will there be an additional cost for materials used?

No, the cost of materials is worked into the price of our services. The only exception would be if the project required additional specialty materials purchased specifically for that project.

3. Do you charge mileage?

We only charge mileage for addresses more than 50 km outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

4. How long will be property be out of service?

On average, our technicians complete a project within 2-4 hours. Larger jobs may require 1-2 days. If this is needed, customers will be informed prior to beginning the project.

5. Do you need to bring smaller property, like furniture, to your shop?

No, we are completely mobile, allowing us to work where you need us. We do have a shop to work on projects if you would prefer we remove the property to service it.

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