At New Creations Manitoba East, we service everything from your home and business, to your vehicle. As we are mobile, we are able to bring our repair services directly to you, when you need us. Our technicians work with great precision and attention to detail to ensure our customer's satisfaction with every job.


Burns, Tears, Scratches, Chips, Breaks, Gouges, Cracks, Discolouration and more!


We value the comfort of your home. It's where you spend most of your day, where you entertain guests, and at times, where you work. The heavy traffic puts your home at a higher risk of minor damage.

Over time, floors get scratched, furniture becomes worn, tubs crack and all kinds of repairs are needed. If left, minor damage can make the best homes look aged. Even worse, it can lead to more severe structural damage that is more expensive to repair.


A quick call to New Creations Manitoba East can leave you with a new interior or exterior, at a fraction of the price.

Before & after pictures of a worn leather couch

general wear of a leather couch

Before & after pictures of scratched hardwood

hardwood floor scratches

Curious About Our Siding Repairs?

Ben is the New Creations franchise owner in Southern Alberta and has been instrumental in developing the processes we use today.


They see a lot of hail storms, and crazy cold temperatures, like we do here in Manitoba and across the Canada and US. This is why it was important for New Creations to develop products that provided a durable repair, even in the worst conditions.

Check out his video explaining our services!


It's important for your business to put it's "best face forward", both for your staff, and your customers. A comfortable workspace can increase employee moral which can lead to improved customer service. Just as well, having a beautiful storefront can boost your customer experience, leading to lifetime customers.


If you're a hotel with cracked tubs or a restaurant with ripped seats, we also offer quantity discounts. Perfect to improve the look of your space on an affordable budget.

Before & after pictures of a damaged tub

hotel's attempt to repair cracks that failed

Before & after pictures of a chipped Corian countertop

chipped Corian countertop in an RV


Just like your home, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Whether it be your car, truck, boat or RV, you want it looking like you just drove it off the lot. Unfortunately, both the interior and exterior of your vehicle is bound to take on some damage.

Some damage can not only ruin the integrity and look of your vehicle, but it can make it unsafe to drive. Chips in your windshield and foggy headlights can cause serious vision impairment.

Before & after pictures of a gouged steering wheel

gouge in vinyl steering wheel

Before & after pictures of a cracked vinyl car seat

cracks in vinyl seat

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