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How To Tackle Bathroom Clutter

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Most of us don’t have bathrooms the size of bedrooms, so it’s important to make the most out of the space we have.

As one of the most frequently used shared spaces in our home, it can quickly become a disaster. Walls are underutilized, drawers are jam packed, there’s too many cleaning supplies to store, the countertop quickly begins to drown, and you don’t know where to begin.

So, if you’re making a game plan? Here’s a good place to start! Let’s help declutter your bathroom.

Not unlike your closet, the best way to start your project is to purge the room of anything you don’t need. Then you can really organize your belongings. In this blog, we will help you purge and organize every area of your bathroom.

1) Your medicine cabinet

At times, this is the only storage unit in the bathroom and there are often only a few shelves inside, so make the most of them. Discard any expired products or medicine because chances are, you’ll find quite a few. Not only are these taking up space, but they often don’t work properly and could be dangerous.

So how can you make more storage in your cabinet?

2) Got drawers?

Many vanities don’t have drawers, but if they do, they seem to fill up with the most random things. The fact that they are hidden away makes it so easy to just toss clutter inside and close them up. So, what can you purge from your drawers and what do you do with them?

Once you’ve decluttered, use tray inserts and other drawer dividers to reorganize your drawers. Make sure you measure your drawers so you can find ones that fit!

3) The countertop

It doesn't take much for your countertop to become a disaster, and unfortunately, you can't hide the mess. This is why you should leave your small amount of space for items like your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and anything you use daily. If you have to store other items on it, you can make anything decorative by storing them in decorative jars, wire baskets or small vases. Plus, storing a bunch of small items together opens up more space. Always remember, the more countertop space you can see, the better!

4) Under your sink

Use external storage for items that take up a lot of room like hair appliances, first-aid supplies, cleaning supplies, towels, extra toiletries, etc. Once you've cleared out the items from your cabinet, install roll out trays to easily utilize all of your cabinet space, without losing hard to reach items in the back.

You could also try this DIY by Dream Green

Attach a file organizer, basket, or wall-mounted bathroom organizer to the side of your cabinet to store your hair dryers, straighteners, and more. These items take up a large amount of space under your sink. This makes for easy access and is a perfect way to store them, wires and all!

5) The pile of towels on the floor

No, it's not an area of your bathroom, but it's also not the proper way to store your towels, new or used. Many people will store clean towels outside of their bathroom is possible, but if you can't, here are some hacks you can use to increase your towel storage.

Still need the extra space?

Use the empty walls! You can utilize all of that extra wall space with these:

1) Small picture shelves to hold jars, boxes, and more

These aren’t very deep, so they add storage and décor, without adding bulkiness

2) A large shelf above your bathroom door

If you need a lot of space, but don’t have any, install a shelf above your door! You want to utilize all of the room up there so try to get a floating shelf. If you can’t find one, make sure your brackets fall on either side of the door frame. Easy place to store extra toiletries, hair appliances, or cleaning products so they are hidden from your eye line.

3) Floating cabinets

Small floating cabinets can be perfect for bathrooms big and small. You can arrange them in a decorative way, and if you share a bathroom, you can use them to separate everyone’s belongings. For better use in a smaller bathroom, install them above the toilet, closer to the ceiling. This will give you much needed storage for items you don’t use often, without making the room seem smaller.

Store extra toilet paper somewhere in the bathroom. There is nothing worse than being a guest in someone’s home and getting stuck without TP or having to awkwardly ask where the extra supply is. If you don’t have room in your cabinets, get a decorative toilet paper holder. I love this DIY idea by Martha Stewart.

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