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Why Us?

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Questions to ask when choosing between a RESTORATION and REPLACEMENT


The story of New Creations Manitoba East starts with its owner, Ryan. After over 25 years in the transportation industry, he was looking for something new and when a franchise opportunity with New Creations arose, it was the perfect fit. He's been tackling his own restoration projects on his home, rental, vehicles and more for years. How perfect that he now had the opportunity to turn his hobby into a career, giving him the opportunity to use his expertise to help others. After meeting the team in BC the deal was sealed and in 2018 the first New Creations franchise in Manitoba was established. 

Now he enjoys bringing the New Creations' services to customers across Manitoba, priding himself on a job well done. His impeccable customer service and hard work, along with the company's proprietary technologies, make New Creations unlike any other restoration service.

Choosing us will save you time, and the hassle of finding a replacement, providing outstanding cost savings. 



What is your budget?

A complete replacement can be expensive, and often unnecessary. Minor damage, like floor scratches or a cracked tile, shouldn't require a complete replacement of the entire floor. Don't let the cost of a complete renovation scare you!


Is the item irreplaceable?

Styles, patterns and trends are constantly changing, making replacement difficult. Not only that, but keepsakes are hard to replace for another issue entirely, the emotional attachment. Keep them in your home with a restoration!


What is your time frame?

Renovations can be very time consuming, so much so, that they disrupt your life. A repair can be finished in a fraction of the time, often the same day!


Can it be restored to its original integrity?

At times, the damage is deeper than the surface. In these instances, replacement may be your only option. Talking to a professional can help you determine how much work it needs.


How large is the damage?

The size of the damage can make all the difference. If the damage is small, replacing the entire object, like a floor or countertop, is not your best option. On the contrary, if the damage is too large, it can affect the integrity, which may need more extensive repairs. 


Is there any deterioration that can't be repaired?

At times, the damage is deeper than the surface. In these instances, replacement may be your only option. 

In 1988, Larry Stevenson established a restoration company while living in Portland, Oregon. Soon after, he moved home to Canada, bringing his expertise with him. Over the years, he continued to develop and expand his processes, making damaged materials look new again.

The company started franchising in 1995, and now has over 50 technicians across Canada. Each providing a multitude of services, and working toward the same goal of providing high quality, affordable repairs. The durability and quality of New Creations repairs, as well as the uniqueness of what our technologies can restore, is winning over property managers, homeowners, insurance companies and automotive enthusiasts.


One of the biggest reasons to use restoration services is to save your belongings from the landfill! Too often, people replace something that is perfectly good due to a few blemishes or they don't believe it's repairable.


New Creations has saved 1000's of materials from the dump. Help us save even more! 

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