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4 Reasons You Need Restoration Services

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Small damage around your home and business is common. Maybe it’s a chip in your countertop that you try to cover with that centerpiece or a rip in your vinyl car seat that keeps getting bigger every time you jump in the car. Whatever it is, the New Creations multi-surface technicians are your best bet.

Here’s what you need to consider when contemplating if restoration services are for you:


One of the major reasons to repair damage as soon as you notice it is that it can only get worse. Yes, a chip in your laminate countertop can grow, but let’s think a little deeper.

Laminate Countertop Repair
Laminate Countertop Repair

Countertops like this are made of wood, with a laminate cover. If this laminate is damaged, it

can expose the wood underneath to moisture, dirt and debris. Once the damage progresses to that point, a complete replacement is often your only option, which can turn an affordable repair into an expensive renovation.

Luckily, restoration services are affordable enough to

fit into your budget when YOU need them.


Not only do take time, but they often require a lot of money to complete. When you get cracks in your siding, it is important to repair the damage before moisture damages the fragile material beneath it. To replace it, you need to buy the replacement siding, which can cost thousands of dollars, along with any materials needed to complete the job. Plus, some jobs require special tools that most people don’t own. In that case, people either rent tools from stores like Home Depot, or hire someone with the tools and experience.

Avoid all of those costs by repairing the damage early. Request a FREE quote to see how affordable restoration services can be!


Yes, replacing things can seem like the easier option, but what about things that are

A kitchen in an antique home, with flooring that would be hard to replace
Hard to replace antique flooring

irreplaceable? For example, one of the biggest concerns we get from people with floor damage is that they can no longer find the same style, colour or pattern. With trends constantly changing, this isn’t uncommon for many surfaces in your home. Other things, like furniture, can have sentimental value, making it irreplaceable for an entirely different reason.

Let restoration technicians bring them back to life!


Just as valuable as your money! Unfortunately, most renovations aren’t a quick fix. You have to spend time sourcing the materials and completing the job. Not only that, but the room and what you are renovating will be out of commission over the duration of the job. Mobile restoration services conveniently work with your schedule and can have the job complete in less than a day.

If you have more questions about restoration services and how they can benefit you, were here to answer all of your questions!

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