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New Creations specializes in small repairs on a variety of types of flooring, including linoleum, vinyl, tile and hardwood. With a large selection of colours, tints and application tools, we can colour match any floor. We also have innovative tools and products that mimic the original materials look and integrity. 

Floor damage is important to fix as your floors often take the brunt of the damage in your home or business. Damage left untreated can lead to worse damage and a bigger repair bill.

In addition, flooring patterns and designs are often discontinued after a couple years. If you can't part with the look of your flooring, especially if you have an old home with the original decor, restoration services are the best option.  

Curious if we can fix your floor damage? Contact us today!

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Furniture is a huge staple in your home decor. Unfortunately, scratches, tears, cracks, and discolouration can make it look old and unkempt, throwing your whole room design out in the process. 


Certain pieces of furniture, like your couch, can be expensive to replace and too often, the damage is minor and the structure of the piece is in perfect condition. Luckily, much of that damage can be easily restored to its original form.  

Whether your have scratched leather, faded wood, or stained fabric, New Creations has a solution for you!  

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Countertops, in both your home and office, take a beating in their lifetime. They suffer everything from chips and scratches caused by dropping heavy objects to discolouration from spills and hot dishes.

Many live with the damage, thinking they have no other option, but to replace the entire countertop. That's where we come in! Small damage is our forte and a lot of damage your countertop will incur can be quickly and affordably repaired.

Marble, granite, corian or formica laminate, we work on them all. Get your countertops, of all kinds, looking like new today!

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In the interior of your home or office, damage to your fixtures, especially the ones in your bathroom, can easily lead to severe, irreversible damage. Cracks and breaks in your acrylic allows moisture into areas meant to be kept dry. This can lead to issues like mold and can completely diminish the structural integrity of your fixtures.

Fixtures in your bathrooms or kitchens can live a long life if properly maintained. When maintaining them gets to be too big of a job, call the experts at New Creations! Not only are our repairs durable and affordable, but they can be finished in one visit so you can get back to your normal routine in no time.

We have the tools and expertise to fix almost any fixture in your home, what are you waiting for? Click here.

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Much like your floors, your walls can take a beating as well. Knicks, scuffs and scratches are common, especially when you're moving large objects like furniture around. Accidents happen, but it doesn't mean you need to look at it forever.


Call us to fix up any blemishes on your walls, whether it be wallpaper, paint, tile or wood paneling. We have the tools and materials to make your room look new again, while saving you time and money.


Don't let that rip in the wallpaper or hole in the wall get any bigger, request a free quote now!  

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