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Siding repairs are more about necessity than vanity. Although, the exterior of your home is what your guests see first, it's not usually where they spend most of their time. This is why too often, we see damaged siding left untouched. After time, a small crack leads to a bigger hole, which exposes the structure of your home to irreversible damage, including moldy drywall. 

Yes, the cracks might look small now, but leave it until your only option is a complete replacement. Structurally sound siding shouldn't end up in the landfill over a few bumps and bruises. Let us bring it back to life!


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Window sills protect the same structures as siding does, meaning damage to your window sills is just as dangerous as damage to your siding. Not only that, but they also protect the structure of your window, protecting it from rain, wind and more.


If the integrity of your window is diminished, it is unable to do its job and can't protect the interior of your home or office from the elements. This can lead to many issues, including increases heating and cooling bills. 

No one likes rising bills or hidden repair costs. Avoid them by contacting New Creations!


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Decks and patios are the perfect place to entertain people, whether they are your friends, employees or customers. With all that traffic, they are at a high risk of damage. Plus they have to deal with the elements. This is why maintaining these areas is so important. 

Our mobile technicians can help you keep your backyard looking new, with affordable, durable, and environmentally-friendly repair services. We can repair everything from patio doors to outdoor furniture.  

Show your backyard off again with a restoration from New Creations!