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In your vehicle, your seats are one of the first things that get worn out. Between the damage from jumping in and out of your vehicle and the discolouration from the sun, your seats take it all.


The worst part is damage to your interior can greatly decrease the car's overall value. Whether you are looking to sell it now, or in the future, restoring the look of your seats can help get you the right value!

A few accidental cigarette burns in your fabric or small scratches in your leather can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of reupholstering the entire seat. Don't let them hold you back from loving your car, boat or RV. Get a quote today!

Auto, Marine & RV



The hard surfaces in your vehicle, like your steering wheel or dashboard, are easily damaged, but very difficult to replace. Over time, dirt and oils from your hands can damage and stain these surfaces, making them an eye sore.


This is why maintaining your vehicle is key. By restoring these hard surfaces you will maintain (or even increase) the value of your investment. Don't wait for the damage to get worse, call us today!

Auto, Marine & RV



Your seats aren't the only upholstered surface in your vehicle. Areas like your door panels, middle consoles, and dashboards can all contain soft surfaces susceptible to cuts, scratches and discolouration. Another soft surface in your vehicle, that takes on a lot of dirt and debris, is your carpets.

Like your seats, damage to these areas can make your vehicle look old and worn, greatly reducing its value. Luckily, maintaining these areas can be easy and affordable. Our mobile technicians come to you and with our proprietary tools, can give you a repair like no other, allowing us to provide outstanding cost savings.

Contact us about any interior damage to your vehicle, chances are we can help!

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