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Unlike your interior, you can't hide your exterior, so when its damaged everyone can see! Not only that, but chips and scratches in your paint are perfect places for rust to grow.


When it comes to the value of a vehicle, nothing looks better than a nice paint job, and with New Creations, you don't have to worry about the high price of a new one. Whether it’s our specialized paint chip repair, wet sanding and polishing, or our self leveling clear application, we can have your vehicle looking brand new for a more affordable price.


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Auto, Marine & RV

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 Headlights are a very important safety feature on your vehicle and need to be maintained. The same thing goes for your windshield and windows. Over time, they can get scratched, chipped and foggy, preventing them from doing their job.


Our specialized technologies can not only fix the scratches and chips, but they can clean up the fog with ease. Don't let yourself, your kids, your employees, etc drive a vehicle that could put them in danger.

At New Creations, our technicians come to you and have the job done in one visit. All you have to do is contact us!  


Auto, Marine & RV

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 The hard plastics on the exterior of your vehicle, including bumpers, fender flares, and textured mirrors, can take a beating and tend to be easy to damage.

At New Creations, we can fill scratches, rebuild holes, and repair cracks with precision, leaving you with a repair that looks like it was never there.

Whether you're a vehicle owner, body shop, or dealership, we come directly to you. Our technicians can have the damage repaired within a few hours, without you having to leave your home or place of business! Contact us today.